"Jim Lowlor’s interviewing expertise brought out the best in my son. My son's video has helped introduce him to coaches that won't have an opportunity to meet him otherwise."

Deb Holzworth - Junior-A Hockey Parent
From Junior-A hockey to high school game films to athlete demo videos, Pictures In Motion offers a full menu of capabilities in sports video production.

The production of demonstration videos for young athletes hoping to gain positions on the roster of college or semi pro teams have become increasingly popular. Pictures In Motion is here to help.
A Pictures In Motion videographer will focus on the young hopeful over the course of several games, highlighting skills and accomplishments up close. Then we will package that action with off-field video and an optional interview, painting a television portrait of the rising sports star. The final product can either be a straight forward approach or a NFL Films-type of flashy production, depending on whether the final audience is a prospective coach or adoring friends and relatives.