Pictures In Motion went several steps beyond the expected to produce a promotional video for our aviation instruction and sales operation that made me want to sign up for lessons, and I’m the owner.”

Rick Schirmer - Brooklyn Air
“(The Grosse Ile Airport Extravaganza was) A thrilling movie professionally produced by Jim Lowlor of Pictures In Motion… You'll enjoy acrobatic airplane acts and all the air show fun. Definitely captivating.”

Grosse Ile Township Website
Would you like to show your airplane off to friends without burning aviation fuel or how about an aerial view of your business to make a promotional video or commercial truly look “big time?”

How about your home? Pictures In Motion can deliver air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air video that provides a new angle for your project.

Our home base is at the Grosse Ile Municipal Airport in Detroit’s downriver area.
From chase scenes through the streets of Detroit to Yankee Air Museum air shows to a promotional video for an aviation instruction and sales operation, we’ve done it and can do the same for you.